Improvement without compromise

Liftoff is built on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral studies. We provide a series of interview questions and the space to practice.

But we're more than a question bank. Every answer gets recorded, transcribed, and analyzed and provided personalized feedback. One of the best ways to improve is through repetition and feedback. We provide both.

In their 2016 study on AI interview feedback, Hoque et al discovered "Students who... received automated affective feedback showed statistically significant performance improvement compared to students who were in the control and the video groups." [1]

We apply this research to our platform so everyone can benefit. Liftoff is a privacy-first, secure way to practice and improve your interview skills.

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[1] Picard, Rosalind W., and Mohammed Ehsan Hoque. “Mach: My Automated Conversation Coach.” MIT Media Lab, 1 Sept. 2013,